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Mike P.

We recently relocated to the Monterey Bay area from out of state. Although I have excellent credit and received a generous relocation assistance package from my new employer to help with the purchase of a new home, there were several aspects about my loan application which were ‘atypical’, limiting my loan/lender options somewhat, but I quickly received a soft ‘pre-approval’ from three lenders. Of the three, Sara with MR Capital provided- BY FAR- the fastest, most straightforward, and most importantly RELIABLE responses. But the other two (one of which refers to itself as ‘America’s #1 online lender‘) were offering better terms, and both provided enthusiastic assurances about their ‘specialized programs’ that were designed exactly for borrowers in my position, so I started with them. When I wrote Sara to let her know, she warned me that the promises being made by the other two loan officers seemed too good to be true, and graciously offered to keep my application active, ‘just in case’ the other guys couldn’t deliver. 


Long story short- I should have listened to Sara!!! After wasting precious time with both of the other lenders who ultimately (as Sara predicted!) couldn’t make good on their promises, we were in danger of losing the home of our dreams, as the seller was threatening to walk away since we still had not secured definitive financing weeks after having our offer accepted. Then- to the rescue, in swooped Sara Wein and her amazing team at MR Capital, who worked tirelessly to get the loan issued in record-breaking time and kept us on-track to close at the originally stipulated date with no unexpected obstacles. I consider MR Capital to be a group of real pros, who are a pleasure to work with, are straight with their prospective clients, and deliver on their promises- all seemingly rare virtues in today’s world! I would definitely work with them again.